Welcome Graffiti PaintBar

Article By: Crystal Cobb

      Main Street Nashua is happy to welcome Graffiti Paint Bar to add to the vibrancy of our downtown.  Graffiti paintbar had been located off of Amherst Street since 2013 and the owner Linda Lagana could not be more thrilled to now have a Main Street storefront.  In moving the establishment they have now nearly tripled the amount of space available for programing and have an added room for private parties and art instruction.
     For the remainder of summer 2017, the paint bar is offering week-long half-day sessions for children of varying ages to attend art camp.  There is a convenient drop off out back and very little traffic downtown early in the mornings.  The programs change week to week, so keep an eye on their website for anything that might interest you and and your kiddos.

     When looking for something fun to do with your friends or spouse I think you’ll find that Graffiti Paint Bar has a lot to offer in the way of a good time.  Painting instruction, is offered on specific paintings on a weekly basis, but also there are opportunities to work on paintings that are not being instructed.  The framework of the program is flexible and the idea is that you are able to relax, play with paints, have a good time, chat with friends, have a drink and learn something.  Please visit the paint bar’s website for more information on painting instructions and studio time.


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