WalletHub: Nashua is ranked one of the best-run cities in US

Nashua ranked fourth overall as one of the best-run cities in the country, according to a recent metric evaluation done by WalletHub. Nearby Manchester also made the cut of 150 well-run cities, coming in at number 14.

WalletHub made its determinations on the efficacy of local leadership as they combated the challenges of 2020’s pandemic – shutdowns, vaccination roll-outs, enforcement of restrictions and returning to normal business activities. The evaluation also looked at “regular” life and city government obligations.

WalletHub compared the operating efficiency of 150 of the largest U.S. cities to reveal which among them are managed best, based on 38 metrics grouped into six service categories, which were then measured against the city’s per-capita budget.

Some of the criteria evaluated were personal long-term debt, high school graduation, unemployment rate, household income, poverty level, road quality, pollution and more.

Nashua was singled out as one of the top five cities for lowest infant mortality rates; top four for lowest violent crime; and fifth overall for city services. The overall national rank for Nashua was fourth.

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Shown are the top 15 best-run cities determined by WalletHub, showing Nashua ranked fourth and nearby Manchester ranked 14, out of 150 national cities evaluated.

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