Under the Radar Food Blog Presents: Saigon Sandwich

Blog Written By: Steven Ruddock, Owner of Riverwalk Cafe & Music Bar
Saigon Sandwich 241 Main Street

          Checking out Nashua’s authentic, ethnic food continues with Saigon Sandwich on Main St. Dig deeper into the menu beyond the banh mi sandwiches for top notch viet cuisine. Pictured is brisket pho (blissfully tasty, monstrous portions – quality surpasses Lowell’s Pho 88, which says a lot), curry chicken vermicelli soup, and pork congee (rice porridge). Take out only. Call ahead. Scary good. Really.

          Under The Radar food blog series is authored by Steven Ruddock, Owner of Riverwalk Café & Music Bar, and features a variety Downtown ethnic food establishments that fly under the radar and are worth checking out!

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