Under the Radar Food Blog Presents: Ciabo Kitchen

Blog By: Steven Ruddock; Owner of River Walk Cafe and Music Bar

      Another cool Nashua ethnic eatery is the Dominican take-out CIBAO KITCHEN, up the stairs behind the convenience store on the corner of Lake and Ash. Friendly staff points out what they’re offering that day (the line of locals knew exactly what they came for). Pictured is some excellent food in unglamorous take out trays: Tasty fish, rib (castillo) and chicken stews, served with Spanish style rice and beans with mashed fried green plantains and yellow plantains (staples in Dominican cooking). Good deal at about $9/plate including the plantains …Got to return for the sold out pastelitos (crispy pastry shells filled with meat).

     Under The Radar food blog series is authored by Steven Ruddock, Owner of Riverwalk Café & Music Bar, and features a variety Downtown ethnic food establishments that fly under the radar and are worth checking out!

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