Spirits Trapped in Riverside BBQ

The Haunted Basement at Riverside BBQ

 The Haunted Basement of Riverside BBQ

Riverside BBQ Building in the flood of 1936

I was able to spend some time with Dave Manganello the owner of Riverside BBQ in downtown Nashua to discuss some paranormal activity that’s been noted about his business space. Many of Dave’s employees have been hesitant and even reluctant to enter the the basement of 53 Main Street.  Why?  Well it’s haunted of course.

     The building that is now Riverside BBQ was first established in 1926 when it served as an apothecary and  surgeon office.  The surgeon was housed in the basement of the building and is rumored to have given lobotomies in that space.  Dave said he’s felt like he’s heard strange sounds even voices when in the basement, and he’s also felt as if he was being watched. Mostly though he’s a sceptic about any real presence of a ghost.

     Not all are sceptical though, in 2012 C.C. Huntress a well known ghost hunter placed a call to Dave Managello asking to bring her team of ghost hunters to investigate his restaurant. Dave said that when they went into the basement where the surgeon office had been all of the teams electromagnetic field detectors started going out of whack and picking up a lot of activity.

     If a handful of employees were scared of the basement to begin with they certainly had a reason to be after that.  I asked to visit the basement myself and my gut did drop walking through the space. The haunted basement is unused at the present time but Dave has hopes to make expansions on restaurant and  turn the unused haunted space into a lounge area, with additional seating and bar.  Until then Riverside BBQ is still a great place to get a signature cocktail and southern cuisine. So, why not stop in for a howling time today!

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