Riverside Barbeque a Cornerstone Powerhouse

Article By: Crystal Lee Cobb

14725597_1038508192943729_1483882222358539875_nRiverside Barbeque a Cornerstone Powerhouse

By Crystal Cobb

      Riverside Barbeque Company is celebrating their third year anniversary. It’s been a busy past several months with the establishment being under construction, tripling their dining area, adding a full bar and a stage for live music.

     Dave Manganello, Riverside Barbeque Company owner and chief pit-master, cares about food and being born in Texas and raised in Virginia, he knows BBQ. Manganello prides himself on being able to give his customer good food in a positive environment.  He is conscious of supplying ethically treated meats and local produce to the table. As for the flavor at Riverside Barbeque you will find an amalgamation of the nation’s best BBQ styles under one roof.

     The atmosphere is rich with smoked flavor, the lights are dim and the staff are out of this world.  Manganello wants you to walk into his restaurant and know where you are.  If you were blindly taken out to eat anywhere on main street you’d know if you’d been brought to Riverside Barbeque. It smells amazing.

     With the addition of a craft beer and liquor bar along with live music Riverside Barbeque will be extending their Thursday, Friday, Saturday hours to 1 a.m. They will also be serving food till 1 a.m. You will see some new additions to the menu, such as, deep fried Oreos, nachos, bucket of bacon and pit poutine French fries with cheese. img_6707

     Dave Manganello and his wife had always known that they wanted a restaurant in Nashua’s Great American Downtown. In Manganello’s eyes there are very few downtowns across the states that have as compelling an attraction as we do here in Nashua. In 2009 after extensive research of the downtown market the couple purchased the Sausage King store front and carts.  With changing the name and the menu some customers have asked for a resurgence of the hotdog.

          It is the year of the gourmet hotdog and Riverside Barbeque will be reintroducing three of the most popular Sausage King hotdogs to their menu.  Enjoy a drink, some music and whatever style of BBQ your heart fancies.  There are 20 sandwiches to choose from and another dozen various smoked meats and fish to select from the menu.


     This coming summer you can anticipate catching a drink and a bite to eat on the back deck of the Riverside Barbeque. The view is top notch, a look right out over the canal to the clock tower. I can’t think of a nicer place to sit and have a beer off of Main street.

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