Rage Cage NH is here to help you channel that frustration

Don’t let Tedd Cherry’s cheerful, life-affirming demeanor fool you. The guy has an appetite for destruction.

Obscure rock references aside, Cherry is the personable face of new Nashua business Rage Cage NH, located on the corner of West Hollis and Maple streets (for you longtime locals, that’s between Slade’s and Chicken N Chips). His business premise is simple: Come on in, and smash things up.

Rage Cage NH offers guests a truly unique experience – select your “smashing time” and how many folks will be joining you (rooms can have 1–4 people), and Cherry and his staff will ready a room filled with objects for you to gleefully destroy. You’ll get to select some of the items from their cache of foraged glassware, toys and small electronic items, and they’ll provide large appliances in some of the experiences. You can also arrange to bring up to ten of your own items. Cue up those framed wedding photos, and hand me a baseball bat! But I digress…

A native of Wisconsin who now lives in Merrimack, Cherry originally found his way to New Hampshire as an AmeriCorps volunteer. After many years as an insurance agent, he was ready for a change. “I needed something less boring! I wanted to provide a service – it’s not just about money for me – a safe place for people to release stress,” he said. “And it’s fun and doesn’t involve going into a bar; it’s something to do out of the ordinary.”

Tedd Cherry is shown with the staff of new Nashua business, Rage Cage NH, at 10 West Hollis St. in Downtown Nashua.

Shown are some of the happy smashers at Rage Cage NH.

Cherry has great optimism for the ripple effect of his business. He believes providing this outlet for pent-up frustration (and who doesn’t have some of that these days?) will reap larger benefits for those who visit, and how they function in the community. He’s hoping guests will come “release the stress and maybe be kinder in the real world.” Cherry noted that “mental health professionals are coming and recommending it as a safe release. We also want to provide mental health resources and better the community.”

When you spend your fully immersive and cathartic time at Rage Cage NH, you’ll emerge fully sated. Cherry said guests are “putting every ounce into it, dripping with sweat and endorphins. It’s better than a gym workout.”

You can request any kind of music to accompany your “workout.” Cherry said that Limp Bizkit’s “Break Stuff” is the most requested song, but if you have a playlist, they will gladly play it for you while you smash away.

“You can either email it to us and we’ll download it, or give us a list and we’ll do it on the fly.” He says requests vary from “badass heavy metal” to classical. “Music can really release emotions that connect to your soul,” he said.

Experience prices are quite affordable, ranging from $20–$100, or $20–$30 per person. Current options for your smashing pleasure include:

  • Path to Destruction, $19.99 (1 person, 15 minutes)
  • The Mosh Pit, $29.99 (1 person, 20 minutes)
  • Smashtastic Adventures, $39.99 (1-2 people, 25 minutes)
  • Lovers Paradise, $59.99 (2 people, 30 minutes)
  • Ultimate Showdown, $99.99 (up to four people, 45 minutes)

Each one offers a video and photo shoot – you can see some examples of the action on their Facebook collection of videos – and spectators can watch via the plexiglass-enforced window. If the smashers are ages 16 (the minimum age for participants) to 18, an adult does need to be there and sign a waiver. There’s a viewing lounge with chairs and a couch, and vending machine snacks. Staff is always around as well, to get you primed and to keep you safe. “We dance with you to get you hyped up first. They see us moshing outside and we have a livestream to keep an eye, making sure it’s all safe,” Cherry said.

In addition to the ones listed above, experiences will also gladly be catered to your specific requests or ideas. Cherry and his staff – “my three best friends; I’m so blessed” – love Halloween, so expect a special room for that, and other holidays will also be presented. But they will also work with you and your own props or ideas to fashion something personal and fun for you and your group.

During the current pandemic, they’re only doing advance reservations and utilizing one room. But coming up, Cherry hopes to incorporate two rooms and an eventual renovation to offer a “mess” room – eg, balloons filled with paint and a canvas, and other smashing activities that are “artistic and messy.” Cherry is also considering adding live comedy nights, drags shows, and a mobile smash room for New Hampshire Bike Week.

Also, if you were planning to drop off some unwanted items at Goodwill or Savers, keep in mind that this locally owned small business is also always accepting donations – from those kitschy knick-knacks you inherited, to appliances – “instead of going to the transfer station and paying that fee,” Cherry suggested. All kinds of donations will be considered; reach out to discuss dropping off your smashables. 

Then schedule your time to get your smash on!

Rage Cage NH

WHERE: 10 West Hollis St.
COST: $20–$100 per event ($20–$30 per person)
ONLINE: Website or Facebook
PARKING: Metered parking is available on West Hollis Street. Public parking lot on Maple Street, parking garage on Elm Street – both are within easy walking distance.

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