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Nashua International Sculpture Symposium
seeks meal donations for this year’s visiting artists

Aug. 20 – Sept. 12

Every year, Nashua welcomes talented sculptors from around the world to our country’s only International Sculpture Symposium. These artists share their talent and culture with us, leaving behind a striking one-of-a-kind sculptural memento of their time here.

Our community always rallies around to support them, providing home-cooked meals and fellowship during their creative process. This year, those meals will have to take a somewhat different approach, due to current health and safety concerns and necessary protocol.

Nashua International Sculpture Symposium is asking friends of the arts to again agree to provide meals for the artists, this time in conjunction with local restaurants who have agreed to help out.

“Mother and Child” by artist Ennica Mukomberanwa of Zimbabwe.
2015 Nashua International Sculpture Symposium.
The piece is in a park on Spitbrook Road in Nashua.

It’s easy to help feed these wonderful visiting artists:

  1.  SELECT A DAY. Go to the NISS calendar here to choose a day to feed an artist. Find a white square that shows a restaurant name – that day is available for your “adoption.” Green squares mean that day is all set for food; there are also squares that show where the sculptors will cook for themselves.
  2. SIGN UP FOR YOUR DAY. Click here to let NISS know you’re taking care of your selected day. This is a very important step, so they can update the calendar to reflect this.
  3. CALL THE RESTAURANT. Arrange two days in advance with the restaurant serving your selected day, to make payment and pick-up plans. All participating restaurant contact info in on the NISS webpage here.
    To purchase our three visiting artists lunches for a day is $52; three dinners is $72.
    If you cannot deliver the meals you purchase, that’s ok; just let symposium staff know ahead of time, so they can make arrangements.
  4. OR JUST DONATE.  Click here to make a monetary donation for those days the sculptors are cooking for themselves. Any amount is greatly appreciated to offset costs!

You are also invited to share meal time with these artists, or to just visit them while they’re working on their sculptures. Feel free to bring your own lunch at noon or dinner at 6 pm, when you deliver your donated restaurant meal, and hang out and chat with these fine young talents.

Their worksite is at The Picker Artists building at 3 Pine Street; provisions are made for you to join the sculptors for the meal if you choose and if the weather permits, for outside dining. Two 10’ x 10’ tents will be set up for eating outside, unless it is particularly heavy rain or wind. You can order additional meals from the restaurant or bring your own meal.

For more information on visiting or supporting our visiting artists, please contact Nashua International Sculpture Symposium president and chair Gail Moriarty at

Sculptor Jocelyn Pratt of New Zealand is shown working on “Bird Dreaming 2,” during the 2019 Nashua International Sculpture Symposium. Her finished work resides near the Main Street bridge in Downtown Nashua.

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