Order bulk PPEs by May 26 here

In order to assist reopening the Nashua economy in a safe and healthy manner, the City of Nashua is partnering with the Greater Nashua Chamber, Great American Downtown, and the United Way of Greater Nashua to place bulk orders for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and supplies.

The deadline for placing order utilizing this website is Tuesday, May 26.

Order today at www.tinyurl.com/uwgnppe

Orders should be received in for distribution within 14 days. Jenn from GAD will contact you when your order is in and make an appointment for you to pick up at United Way’s offices at 20 Broad Street. PLEASE don’t call us to check on order status; we will contact you when it is time to pick up your order.

Due to possible future service disruptions, we advise you to order at least a 30 day supply at this time.

NOTE: subject to availabilty, some items might come in delayed and be available for pickup at a later time.

Additionally, businesses are encouraged to also order free supplies from the State of New Hampshire HERE.

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