Nashua International Sculpture Symposium ramps up for 2021

Shown from left are Gavin Kenyon, Nora Valdez and Sam Finkelstein,
the sculptors who will participate in the 2021 Nashua International Sculpture Symposium, May 20 – June 12.

The annual Nashua International Sculpture Symposium is gearing up for May, and the nonprofit event invites you to assist in preparations for this year’s sculptors by purchasing its ART LIVES tote bags.

The 2021 event will be held May 20 – June 12. Each year, the symposium invites and houses three sculptors from around the country and around the world. They share their culture and artistic perspective by creating a piece based on the theme for that year. The sculpture is then donated to the City of Nashua, and becomes part of our robust outdoor art scene.

Like most in the arts community, the symposium is faced with challenges surrounding the pandemic – from artist housing and creation space, to raising funds to support the event. This year, tote bags have been created and offered for purchase via Mint Printworks; these ART LIVES totes sales will be used to purchase the materials needed for the sculptors.

Tote bag orders need to be submitted to Mint Printworks
by Friday, April 16.
Order HERE today.

Additionally, the symposium will host a “1000 Cranes for Nashua” interactive art event for the community. Beginning Thursday, April 22, you can stop by the Picker Artists building at 3 Pine Street and pick up your origami crane kit; then return your completed crane to win prizes. Fun for all ages!  Let muppet Sid tell you more

Watch the Nashua International Sculpture Symposium website or their Facebook page for updates on the 2021 symposium, its artists, and more. 

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