Mola Foods opens storefront, bringing the world to your table

Mola Foods has been a part of our Farmers Market for years now. We’re happy to report that they now have a storefront at 9 Simon Street, in addition to their other booming business avenues.

The store offers homemade products and locally made items, with a robust selection of vegan goods. Mola Foods’ founder Jeannette Bryant creates seasonings, sauces, tea, chips and marinades from tastes and flavors from around the world with the first being Mola Chili. Relishes are made from authentic ancient Cameroonian tribal recipes that have survived by being passed from mother to daughter.  Their tagline is “culture in a bottle,” and you’ll believe it when you taste it! 

Mola Foods founder Jeannette Bryant.

Jeannette’s stated goal is providing food lovers with power-packed spice combinations that eliminate the need for having a bunch of ingredients on hand each time you want to take your meal to another “destination.” Why attempt to mix and create the flavors of the world, when she’s assembled them for you, in one convenient glass bottle? You’ll find dynamic flavors from Cameroon, Ethiopia, France, Ghana, India, Morocco, Nigeria, Somalia, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam.

We’re not sure where she gets her tireless energy to have so many business tendrils, but we’re impressed! Actually, maybe we do know where she got her work ethic. Jeannette notes that her childhood in Cameroon was spent helping on her grandmother Sophie’s farm.

“I loved spending my time in the countryside of Cameroon to learn how to farm. [My grandmother Sophie] was a farmer and grew her crops. Everything we ate came from her farm,” she writes on the Mola website. “As a child, I hated to do chores and she [would] remind me to look with my heart and not my eyes. She wanted me to stop measuring how much I had left to do, but rather, focus on what I have accomplished so far, so I can keep going. A lesson I took with me as I grew up to an adult.”

You can learn more about traditional Cameroon dishes and ingredients on this page. Mola Foods also sells a cookbook, to get the ideas flowing and help you navigate the exciting possibilities.

There are several ways for you to taste the cultures of Mola Foods. One exciting option is their meal delivery program called Jals Bantu. You can select plant-based (vegetarian) options or not, and have fresh home-cooked meals created for you and your family. Pick-up or delivery are available. What a great way to try the flavors of Cameroon and beyond, cooked by someone who knows just how to use Mola spices! If you’ve been considering getting a meal delivery system, why not try one that incorporates products from our local farmers?

Also consider hosting your “bubble” for a tasting event, where you’ll all try new and exciting dishes prepared for you to experience. Ask about the Tasting Club! You can host a tasting party, like those home parties you’ve attended or hosted for other products. But this party is more delicious! You’ll also gain perks based on purchases your attendees make. In-person or virtual parties possible. Find out more here.

Mola Foods is also giving back to the food community. They offer scholarships for those pursuing careers in the culinary arts. “Culinary students struggle with student loans after graduation because of the mediocre salary that they will be getting when starting working at restaurants,” they write on their website. “Many of them are bound to default on student loans and for this reason, Mola Foods is trying to help these students’ culinary dreams by providing them with a $500 scholarship to help pay for their culinary program.” 

Each year through a culinary cook-off competition, a student will be selected to receive the full scholarship, while three others will receive other perks. You can apply for the 2021 culinary scholarship today here.

With all that’s going on at Mola Foods, you simply must stop by and check it all out! You should also peruse their extensive website, HERE, and visit them on Facebook.

Mola Foods
9 Simon St., Nashua
Website and on Facebook

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