Meet the Galbo’s of Nashua Coins and Collectibles

Article By: Crystal Cobb
Laurie & Gary Galbo of Nashua Coin & Collectibles

Gary and Laurie Galbo over at Nashua Coins & Collectibles are a relaxed, warm and charming couple.  Their business is honest and fair and they make their customers feel good about their decisions to sell some of what can be prized possessions when dealing with things rare in nature. The Galbo’s are incredibly compassionate and it just warmed my heart hearing some their stories about the consideration they give to customers parting with items in times of need.  Gary Galbo has been a coin collector since his childhood in 1960 and when there was a big boom in the 70’s over silver and gold he made a profit. The most enticing aspect of collecting coins for young Galbo was the fun of looking for that rare and collectible find. In 1985 he began a full time business from his home and by 1994 he had opened his first storefront on West Pearl Street in Nashua. In 2005 he got into traveling sales and ran a show circuit working as an auctioneer.  When he grew tired of traveling he came back and opened what is now Nashua Coins & Collectibles located at 202 Main Street.  Laurie Galbo now works with her husband maintaining operations at the shop with their 6 part time employees. The Galbo’s are running off of a largely diverse business model where outside of the shop they have a webpage, an Etsy site, items are on ebay, and they also have mail-to-order catalogs that are sent to interested parties.   Every other month Nashua Coin holds a live-auction inside their store!  There will be one taking place this Saturday June 10th at 3PM viewing for the auction will begin at 10AM bids from customers in the store and all over the world be be taken once the auction begins. Stop in and check out all the Nashua Coin has to offer and meet the Galbo’s today!

Article and Images By: Crystal Cobb

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