Meet Justin Spinelli

Article By: Crystal Cobb

     Justin Spinelli of Nashua started his first job at the age of 15 over at Goodale’s Bike Shop. He is a true lover of bikes and now has his own custom wheel shop Luxe Wheelworks located at 6 Main Street in the Hunt Memorial Building. Spinelli is an ex-pro racer who started his professional cycling career competing in New England races where he headed the ranking and was then chosen to train for the U.S.  National Cycling Team at the age of 18.

Spinelli left home after graduation from Bishop Guertin High School in 1997, trained at the Olympic Center in Colorado Springs, then began racing the road full time starting in 1999.  His Olympic training landed him over in Europe where he raced strong for 6 years, then retired from his professional racing career in 2009.  Spinelli was a top performer in a lot of big name races, but his education in industrial design and manufacturing are really what makes him an excellent wheel maker.

Spinelli an independent operator who prides himself in his work and will only work with the best alloy and carbon materials available to manufacture his wheels.  Luxe Wheels are used by custom made bicycle stores; Firefly of Boston and 7 Cycles in Watertown.  Spinelli recently cut his reliance on an online business website and has gone more grassroots with his marketing approach.  Spinelli sponsors a couple of racing crews known as LA Sweat and Strangers Racing. Having crews that he sponsors builds an integrated network with the public using his product and a flowing word of mouth advertising platform.

Luxe Wheelworks has been in buisness since 2010, and  business is good.  Spinelli enjoys his quiet spot in the Hunt Memorial Building where he moved his operations in April of 2016.  To see some of the productions follow Luxe Wheelworks on Instagram.

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