Meet Edmund Lowe, Featured Downtowner

Article By: Crystal Lee Cobb


Edmund Lowe


By Crystal Cobb

Edmund Lowe, a lifelong Nashua resident, remembers a downtown that wasn’t quite as remarkable as it is today.  Growing up in Nashua and graduating from Nashua Senior High School class of 86, Edmund remembers a much simpler and underdeveloped downtown.  He yearned to get out and found the excitement he desired and a world of music within the bustle of the city and his studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

When his music studies were finished he returned to Nashua where he had missed the small town feel the community has to offer.  He started work at Nashua Public Library which he had thought would be a cool job and found it to be a lot cooler than he had imagined.

Edmund has recently bought a house close to Main Street and is happy to be just a couple blocks from his work and all that downtown has to offer.  He enjoys the food of Giant of Siam and has been known to play an occasional open mic at the Riverwalk.

Edmund is currently studying for his masters by furthering his studies in Library Sciences. This January marked his 16th anniversary with the Nashua Public Library where he catalogs and orders materials for the media department.

The year Edmund started working at the library was the year they were retiring the card catalog system.  Catalogers have a saying when it comes to archiving minutia, that there is no hair too fine to split.  Edmund enjoys his work and has aspirations to move towards a position in the Library of Congress.

Acoustic tracks of songs Edmund has written are available on Soundcloud and Soundclick. In addition to writing songs. Edmund also composes chamber music. He plays  piano, keyboard, drums and guitar and has been in several bands ranging from 90’s grunge to pop genres with names such as The Like and Intimates.





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