Main Street United Methodist’s message of HOPE

A lovely holiday message from our friends at
Main Street United Methodist Church:


Thanks for providing such great leadership for our town.

Main Street UMC knew we didn’t have the budget to compete in the Dazzling December contest, but we did want to participate. So we created a message of hope, welcome, LGBTQ equality, and peace.

The rainbow HOPE in our new second floor lobby windows spell out our commitment to affirm and welcome all people – of every age, race, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, family configuration, religious background, economic status, or developmental and physical ability.

The hope trees in the 1st floor windows are adorned with the community’s hopes for the new year (many of which were added on Plaid Friday).

The peace dove invites those who pass by to consider what they might offer to heal a divided nation. We pray for deep listening and compassion for others and accountability for our political system to be more just and fair to all.

the Reverend Kelly Turney
Pastor, Main Street UMC

154 Main Street, Downtown Nashua


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