Like Free Live Music, Vote for more Today!

2 minutes of your time could mean 25k towards free concerts in Nashua.
      Do you like seeing great live bands for free? We do, here in Downtown Nashua, in fact we like it so much we think going out to see a lineup of premium bands should be free to all.  The Levitt foundation agrees and is offering 10 towns and cities nationwide a 25k grant to put on a free 10 concert music series. Nashua has the opportunity to win that 25k grant, and here at Great American Downtown we want to give you more free live shows.
     Will you help the city of Nashua and Great American Downtown by putting in a vote for Nashua to win the 25k match your grant 10-free-concert-series? There’s only a few more days to vote, as the polling will close November 20th.  Please take a minute to vote today if you like hearing great bands for free, because here at Great American Downtown would like to make that possible.

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