Introducing Camaraderie Boutique

Article By: Crystal Cobb Images Courtesy of: Kelli Wholey

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Camaraderie Boutique just opened it’s doors at 175 Main Street this July and Downtown Nashua is excited to welcome this new and innovative clothing store.  Camaraderie was born to be a place where you can go and meet with educated women of the fashion industry who are there to cater to you and offer expert style advice. The wares in the store are carefully selected and are items that are chosen to bring the wearer confidence while being on trend. 



Kami Harris and Danielle Skelly the partnered owners of Camaraderie put extensive consideration into what they select for clothing and goods to highlight in their store.  Ethical choices in manufacture are made and organizations that support women are considered when sourcing a brand to feature in the boutique. The team even offers vegan leather pieces along with all of their natural leather styles.  Kami and Danielle believe in quality over quantity when it comes to one’s wardrobe. They aspire to have their customers leave with purchases that they will love and will wear often. The women at Camaraderie also believe in having items in your wardrobe that can carry through the seasons and are always ready with excellent advice.  The boutique was named Camaraderie because it is centered on friendship and welcoming its customers into an environment where they can feel their fashion needs are being supported.

If you’re Interested in learning more about Camaraderie why not schedule an appointment today or look into their, website, Instagram  and Facebook pages.

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