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Spirits about in Downtown Nashua. Blog by: Crystal Cobb

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Peter Donovan a Nashuan and paranormal activities enthusiast has a lot to tell about his experiences here in downtown Nashua.  Fody’s Tavern, the Thirsty Turtle, and the American Legion all have paranormal activity that Pete has experienced.  In Fody’s Tavern when just in for a drink Pete says he has seen an apparition of an older woman in a white dress who is known to hang around in the far corner of the dining room on the left.


Apparition Through The Trees.

The Fody’s building was once a brothel and was originally located across the way where the Hunt building now stands. When the Fody’s building was moved to start construction on the Hunt building in 1901 the front facing of the structure was shifted.  When a building’s true north is altered this is when it is believed that the structure becomes more vulnerable to housing paranormal activities.  Another known ghost at Fody’s is that of one of the working girls who worked out of an efficiency room in the hotel.  The story goes that she would provide services to anyone who would bring the gift of a 6-pack. Pete knowing this story offered a 6-pack of bottles to the entry of her room in hopes to communicate with her.

The American Legion, Nashua NH.

The Thirsty Turtle is another place downtown where Peter has experienced paranormal activity he says that there is a strong energy there and has witnessed lamps swinging above the bar.  Behind the Thirsty Turtle, is the American Legion at 11 Court Street it is one of the oldest brick structures downtown which Pete says may house paranormal activity.  The building was once the Nashua police station and was built in 1891, the first city hospital emergency room was in the basement in addition to the city morgue.
Pete has also experienced paranormal activity in a house located on Main Street which has since been demolished.  He said it was the most frightening of his experiences with the paranormal. He was touched and even harmed by the spirit who had been in the house.

Mysterious Orb

Pete is a ghost hunter by hobby and works with a team of paranormal enthusiasts. One of his favorite places to visit is Gilson Road Cemetery in Nashua. Pete can be contacted at Nhghostteam@gmail.com or on FaceBook at NH Ghost Paranormal Investigations. Pete encourages paranormal enthusiasts and those who feel like they are being haunted to contact him for a consultation.  Although a believer he always approaches a situation with the intent first to disprove that there is a presence of paranormal activity.

In Pete’s experiences spirits can be found in areas enclosed or built upon, brick, stone and granite structures.

Images Courtesy of: NH Ghost

Blog by: Crystal Cobb 


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