Get to the point: Refined Beauty Medical Spa opens with injectable treatments and more

If you grew up in Nashua, you are likely familiar with The Stone House. The historic building with the eye-catching stonework porch towards the south end of Main Street has housed a few different businesses since it ceased to be a residence. Now, 353 Main Street has a new business in it, and the owner invites you to stop by.

Meghan McCarthy, a Nashua native who lives here with her husband and two children, is a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. She also spent 7 years working in a medical spa in Merrimack. Now, she has taken her medical training and experience and opened Refined Beauty Medical Spa in The Stone House.

This is big life change for McCarthy, and a discernible difference from “the chaos of a big-city ER. Here it’s much more serene,” she said. As it sometimes happens, a freak accident suddenly had her considering a different career direction.

“Three years ago, I broke my ankle and took 3 months off. You can’t be hobbling around the emergency department with a broken ankle,” she said. “My kids were getting to a point where they needed me at home. I’d been per diem at a medical spa in Merrimack, so I flipped the [percentage of majority of work time]. Breaking my ankle was really a pivotal event in my life, and turned out to be a good thing. I still keep my foot in the door by doing one day a week at Boston, though; I guess I thrive on chaos,” she said.

The new spa opened to the public March 8. For the convenience of her working clients, McCarthy offers Thursday night appointments and every third Saturday, in addition to daytime hours. Refined Beauty Medical Spa offers Botox, fillers, SkinPen and Plasma Pen treatments, and chemical peels. 

Most know that Botox and fillers are to alleviate wrinkles and lines; chemical peels improve the quality of skin by removing dead layers. McCarthy said the two “pens” are collagen stimulation treatments. The SkinPen is a micro-needling procedure where clients receive tiny pokes (on your numbed face); the Plasma Pen, an arc of thermal energy. Both provoke your body into making new collagen, which is responsible for tone and elasticity of your skin, she explained. These two are great options for clients who are not interested in injections, or have concerns about toxins or fillers.

Meghan McCarthy, RN, owner of Refined Beauty Medical Spa.

The Stone House at 353 Main Street, Nashua,
home of Refined Beauty Medical Spa.

With her healthcare career, RN degree and industry-specific training and experience, McCarthy can assist any client, and advise you on what’s best for your skin goals. “Every face is different, it’s not one size fits all,” she notes. McCarthy is also fluent in Spanish. 

One exciting fact is that Refined Beauty Medical Spa accepts Care Credit as a payment option. This is a great opportunity to experience these services in a way that’s more financially feasible for many of us. There are also reward programs for frequent services.

McCarthy has a two-room spa in The Stone House, alongside Comfort Nails. That business is owned by the Nguyens, who also own the building. “With less overhead, my prices are less than others. I have a very fair price per unit [for injections], very competitive.” 

She said it’s not all about the money for her; it’s about providing the most up-to-date services, and continually learning new things. “I’m a nurse, I’m not a small business owner – thank God my husband has an MBA! He’s been so helpful and instrumental,” she said. “This industry’s always evolving; I want to be constantly educated and offer new, innovative and safe services to my patients.”

Refined Beauty Medical Spa will have an official Opening Day event next week from 5–8 pm Wednesday, March 17. McCarthy plans to have raffles and special offers, snacks and swag bags, as well as homemade upscale cocoa bombs and cookies. She hopes you’ll stop in and check out her new space, and say hello. There is off-street parking in the back of the building.


Refined Beauty Medical Spa 

353 Main Street – Suite 2, Nashua
Website and on Facebook

Exterior sign at 353 Main Street, showing Comfort Nails business sign
and “coming soon” sign for Refined Beauty Medical Spa.

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