Gate City Community Gardens
Wants YOU in 2021!

Come get your hands dirty with us this spring!

For the 2021 growing season, we are proud to be partnering with
Grow Nashua to coordinate our garden site.
Please visit their website by clicking the button below,
to learn more and to sign up.
We’re the “Pine Street Gardens”!

The Organization

Gate City Community Gardens is a program of Great American Downtown, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, with a mission centered around economic and cultural vibrancy in downtown Nashua, NH. The program involves an education series, and the management of The Nashua Heritage Rail Trail Community Garden – a 36-bed community garden established in 2013 by a group of dedicated volunteers. The garden is located in the Tree Streets neighborhood area of Nashua within short walking distance to Downtown city amenities.

Garden Goals

Through the community garden program, we seek to increase the amount of active green space in our downtown neighborhoods, and provide an opportunity for residents, employees of downtown businesses, and downtown service groups, to have a garden close to their home, work place, or programs. The community garden is a huge asset to the community and is placed purposefully on this very busy rail trail through the center of the city. One cannot be at the community garden without passersby commenting on how beautiful the garden has become, or how happy they are that it is there.

There is a minimum of three work days each growing season, where gardeners, groups, and/or the public can volunteer to clean up the trail and work on projects at the garden. Whether you are a gardener or simply wish to serve the community, you are welcome to join in. Please come out and get your hands dirty with us!

Check out these four other community gardening programs!

Grow Nashua

Grow Nashua is creating urban vegetable farms for the families of Nashua and using this common ground to empower people to strengthen their own community relationships. Through strong collaborations with more than 20 organizations, they are providing education and developing community and school gardens that will help improve food awareness and food access for everyone in our city.

Victory Garden

Courtesy Seth J. Dewey Photography

The city’s Parks and Recreation Department sponsors a 50-plot community Victory Garden at Greeley Park, which has been harvested since the Great Depression. These days, the department tills the earth and supplies water, but growers are responsible for the rest, including the $20 fee. Contact the department at 589-3360 for more information on becoming a Victory gardener.

Regenerative Roots Association

Regenerative Roots Association works with Sullivan Farms as a vendor at the Nashua Farmer’s Market. Their overall mission is to establish thriving communities using regenerative methods that are uniquely tailored to the situation. This is done through the research and implementation of sustainable farming techniques, educational programs, charitable endeavors, and environmental preservation practices which promote the efficient use and conservation of natural resources.

Nashua Garden Club

The Nashua Garden Club mission is to encourage its members to fully involve themselves in learning about and participating in the many and varied aspects of horticulture, landscape design, floral design, and the civic beautification of our community.