Everything old is new again: Nashua’s vintage shops

Shopping for holiday gifts? Why not consider giving a gift that has been loved by someone else previously? Here in Downtown Nashua, we have several wonderful shops that are purveyors of beautiful vintage and antique items. From clothing and jewelry to decor and collectibles, there are many intriguing items from the past that could make your present holidays brighter.

All of our Downtown Nashua shops are running holiday sales and specials. Help support our local neighbors by keeping your dollars in the community!

SNAP! It’s Vintage
33 Main Street

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Walking around the SNAP! It’s Vintage store is a unique and magical experience. The basement shop on the corner of Main and Franklin is truly unlike any other store downtown. It features labyrinthine off-shoot rooms and nooks to explore, but is bright and cheery.

The shop is owned and operated by Regina and Edward Lang, who will greet you and invite you to investigate the hundreds (thousands?) of antique, vintage, and primitive items throughout. 

There are exceptional clothing finds here, all in terrific condition and begging to be part of a special event, theme party, theatrical performance, or everyday wear. There is home decor, dishes and glassware, and furniture, all of which will transport you back to beloved memories in days gone by. Jewelry and holiday decorations will remind you of your childhood, or a favorite grandparent. 

Check out the magnificent array of items awaiting you, by previewing the photos on their Facebook page. Then be sure to visit in person – descend the stairs into the fun and memories at SNAP! It’s Vintage!

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Pickers’ Paradise
100 Main Street, Suite 2

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A “picker” is someone who haunts flea markets and estate sales, finding the hidden gems among the ordinary objects. Scott Harley is one such picker. He gathers his finds at his shop, Pickers’ Paradise. Nestled in a suite down the front hallway at 100 Main Street, the shop has multiple rooms of intriguing and curious objects to discover. 

You’ll relive your childhood (or your grandparents’!) with the plethora of vintage board games, find all kinds of groovy threads from several decades, as well as antique furniture, bottles, door knobs, glassware and much more. There is framed art, and classic metal signs – in fact, there are far too many different types of things at Pickers’ Paradise for us to be able to list them all. And if you want to go really far back in time, Scott also has the occasional fossil!

Scott also offers shopping by appointment, if you’d feel more comfortable when assured of an uncrowded experience. Items change all the time with his latest finds, so stop by often!

Glorious Possibilities
100 Main Street, Suite 1

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Owner Gloria Henry recently moved her popular business to front and center at 100 Main Street (formerly the site of Terragia), and her Glorious Possibilities shop is a delightful addition to downtown. Her bright and airy new space, with its huge bank of windows, is charming to stroll through, filled with vintage and handmade items perfect for many occasions.

Glorious Possibilities is also a place where you can learn how to use chalk paint and do your own upcycling of vintage pieces. Ask about classes and workshops when you’re visiting.

We encourage you to stop by the new location and support Gloria and her minority-owned business, and enjoy the holiday cheer that abounds at Glorious Possibilities!


Nashua Coins & Collectibles
202 Main Street

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Treasures can be worth so much more than their size. Nobody knows this better than the folks at Nashua Coins & Collectibles, at 202 Main Street. 

Owners Laurie and Gary Galbo are well-known by local collectors, as buyers and sellers of estate jewelry, rare coins, and art, as well as gold and silver coins and scrap, and other collectibles. They are an area distributor of White’s Metal Detectors, and even do watch and jewelry repair and battery replacements.

In addition to exciting currency discoveries, the shop also features Hummels, vintage glassware, compelling estate pieces, Capodimonte porcelain and milkglass ware, and much more constantly changing and evolving inventory to discover!

Stop by the shop and have a chat and a browse. You’ll surely find something to intrigue you!

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