Article By: Crystal Cobb

          The city of Nashua has created Dancin’ In The Street, a free end of the week kick-off dance event for you to let go and enjoy an evening of dancing, food, and fun.  A chance for young and old to have an experience, make memories and just give yourself to dance. 

             Come join the fun on Saturday July 8th from 7-11pm on Main Street, downtown Nashua in front of City Hall. All will have the opportunity to immerse their bodies and ears in an array of dance styles and tunes ranging from Swing, Latin, Salsa, Hip-Hop and Break-Dance.  This all-style, free-style event has been orchestrated to bring people together and create unity in our city. There will be chances to strut your stuff, show off your moves and even enter in a dance-offs catered to all styles for prize give aways.  

        This event was created by Mayor Jim Donchess partnering with Symphony NH, Positive Street Art, Riverwalk Cafe and Music Bar and Great American Downtown and is designed for all ages, interests, and abilities.  Mayor Jim Donchess was inspired to create Dancin’ in the Street by other neighborhood dance nights that take place in Boston, saying, “I wanted to find a way to celebrate the people, cultures, and artists of our city.  Nashua is an arts destination, and whether you’ve studied your art for decades or simply enjoy it as a hobby, Dancin’ in the Street is an open community event that celebrates our community of artists.”

      DRock of Positive Street Art who will be instructing the segment on Hip-Hop and Break-Dance says, “this event is about making your own movement, dance is self expression, it’s a universal language that those who can’t speak can understand. Dance unifies us and we hope to establish a dance community in which to network and create happiness. When we come together and dance we see that many voices become one, and people begin to shine, this event is about creating a moment and giving people the opportunity to feel good, it’s not about money it’s about community.”

      The evening will start with swing dance instruction and dancing from 7 pm to 8 pm, followed by Latin and Salsa instruction and dancing from 8 pm to 9 pm and Hip-Hop and Break-Dance instruction and dancing from 9 pm to 11 pm. There will be local food trucks such as Pomaire Chillean BBQ and Tracy Girl Ice Cream that will have food for purchase and other Main Street establishments will be offering special deals in honor of the event. Martha’s Exchange will hold their weekday happy hour special from 5pm to 7pm, and Fratello’s Italian Grille will hold theirs from 4pm to 6pm.

        James Vayo of Nashua City Economic Development said that, “When we create engaging events we increase the quality of life and attachment to the community, and we also grow as a community by the attraction of an event.” In hopes that Dancin’ in the street will become a favored Nashua tradition, I hope to see you there and share my light with you. 

Article By: Crystal Cobb

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