Bastian the Ghost Hunter

San Francisco Kitchen's Bastian shares his ghost stories.

Bastian of SFK Tells his Ghost Stories

Bastian Dicaprio Ghost Hunter

There has been a buzz or paranormal activity in Downtown Nashua through the years and it hasn’t passed by the eyes or ears of Bastian Dicaprio. The general manager of San Francisco Kitchen and well liked waiter has had a chilling experience while working at SFK. A regular customer ordered a glass of Kendall Jackson white, and after Bastian placed it in front of her at the bar, she asked where it had gone.  Bastian looked all around the bar for the glass and it was nowhere to be found. That in itself was odd, but then when opening the restaurant the next morning, Bastian walked in the restaurant to find a chilled frosty glass of white wine sitting on the bar countertop.  “There is no way that could of gotten there,” exclaimed Bastian. “There has to be a ghost!”  Then, a clump of towels that hung on the swinging door to the kitchen flew off and made a loud slap as they hit the wall.

There have been employees at SFK who were sure the basement was haunted, but Bastian says his only experience with a ghost happened right at the bar.  Bastian himself is empathetic towards spirits and can sense when they are around.  Together with Logan Pallian and Curtis Hartshorn he founded what was the New England Paranorm Investigators. They had their own show on public access television.

Members of NE Parnorm Investigators with author Marianne O’connor

The book titled Haunted Hikes of New Hampshire by Marianne O’connor was what first enthralled Bastian and his team with the paranormal. Their adventures lead them to acquire professional ghost hunting equipment and they were invited to investigate businesses and homes alike.

NE Paranorm Investigators at Work

When Bastian and his team investigated The Birchwood Inn in Temple, New Hampshire, established 1775, they made contact with the spirit known as Doris. Doris, a minister’s wife was shot on the stairs of the inn on her way down to the main lobby. The minister had requested to speak with the woman staying with a close friend of his.  When he saw that it was his wife leaving the room of his friend who had also been her lover, he killed her.  With the team’s audio equipment, Doris was able to be contacted.  Logan called to her by name and asked if she died there. She sadly answered, “Yes.”

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