Great American Downtown is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in Downtown Nashua, NH. Our focus areas are: marketing, cultural events and beautification projects.

Our mission is to provide coordination, collaboration and partnerships that unify the entire Nashua community around a common vision for an attractive downtown that is vibrant, viable and truly reflects the character of our city.

We are known for a wide variety of programs and events such as the Winter Holiday Stroll, our Downtown music festival series, Gate City Community Gardens, the Nashua Farmers Market, Nashua Street Pianos, and much more!

We’ve partnered up with the United Way of Greater Nashua, who offers an online payment and fundraising tool with ZERO fees for local non profits. That means that 100% of your small donation, recurring donation, sponsorship, or participation fee processed at the link below goes to support our mission of vibrancy! Every little bit adds up, so thank you to the United Way for making this possible, and thank you to all of our supporters who make our work of economic and cultural vibrancy in Downtown Nashua possible!