The Organization

Gate City Community Gardens is a program of Great American Downtown Inc, a 501c3 non profit, with a mission centered around economic and cultural vibrancy in Downtown Nashua, NH. The program involves an educations series, and the management of The Nashua Heritage Rail Trail Community Garden – a 12 bed community garden which was established in 2013 by a group of dedicated volunteers. The garden is located in the Tree Streets neighborhood area of Nashua within short walking distance to Downtown city amenities.

Garden Goals

Through the community garden program, we seek to increase the amount of active green space in our Downtown neighborhoods, and provide an opportunity for residents, employees of Downtown businesses, and Downtown service groups, to have a garden close to their home, work place, or programs. The community garden is a huge asset to the community and is placed purposefully on this very busy rail trail through the center of the city. One cannot be at the community garden without passerbys commenting on how beautiful the garden has become, or how happy they are that it is there. There is a minimum of 3 Work Days each growing season, where gardeners, groups, and/or the public can volunteer to clean up the trail and work on projects at the garden. The first of the 2017 work days will be coordinated with the Downtown Nashua Pride Parks Cleanup Day, on April 22nd. Whether you are a gardener, or simply wish to serve the community – you are welcome to join in. Please come out and get your hands dirty with us!

A Vision For Growth

Great American Downtown has a vision for gradual growth of community garden facilities in Downtown neighborhoods. In 2017, with the support of the United Way of Greater Nashua, New Sky Productions, and many many volunteers – we will double the size of the Heritage Rail Trail Community Garden! We are seeking additional support to make this program possible: if you would like to make a donation, or participate in a custom sponsorship to support this effort – please contact Executive Director Paul Shea here.

Gate City Community Gardens
Wants YOU!

With new garden beds coming online in 2017, there is no better time than now to request an application! If you are interested in gardening at the Heritage Rail Trail Community Garden, request an application below. Priority is given to previous gardeners and based on proximity to the garden, but anyone is welcome to apply. Please be sure to read and sign the Gate City Community Garden Agreement & Rules packet provided to you prior to submitting your application.